We hope you enjoy these thank you notes from local recipients.

"Your support means the world to us during this challenging time."
- M.A

"I have never felt this level of kindness & support. I will never forget what you have done for me."
- K.A.

"Your generous gift will help us more than you know with our son’s journey to beat cancer."
- H.J.H. R

"We cannot thank you enough for your generous gift to us. We are still overwhelmed."
- A.&P. L.

"There are not enough words to tell you how thankful we are for helping us. The world needs more people like you."
- G.& D.R.

"We would humbly like to extend our thanks to you all for your willingness to help us with your financial support!"
- K.D.

"It is with great honor and appreciation that I was a recipient of The Brian M. Langdon Foundation award. When I read the story of Brian, to be put in this category of charter is a special honor."
- R.R. & Family