What's the connection between on line shopping and the Finding One's Way

What is FlipGive?

With FlipGive, non-profit groups like Finding One's Way can fundraise by tapping into people's ordinary shopping habits. FlipGive refunds a portion of every on line sale as a donation to our cause.

Participation is FREE!

Just register as a member of our FlipGive team, go to the list of affiliated stores, and start shopping. Every time you buy online at an affiliated store, it will donate a percentage of your payment - sometimes as much as 15% - to the foundation.

People are shopping online more and more these days. Just imagine how much we could raise if even 5% (on average) of all our shopping were donated back!

How do I get started?

Download the FlipGive APP or visit www.flipgive.com/join to sign up. You will be asked to enter your unique team code to join:

Finding One's Way Team Code: MZ7CFX

You don't need to be a member of the foundation in order to join FlipGive team. Just add your name to our fundraising team for a percentage of your purchases to be donated to Finding One's Way.

Shop & Earn Back For the Foundation!

Which stores will donate?

Some Stores

These are only a handful of choices! They have travel, hotels, brand name clothing, etc. too!

Click here for a full list.

Does Finding One's Way really get a donation by eating out at Applebee's?

Yes! Go to the restaurant. Eat, drink and be merry! When you bill arrives, go to the FlipGive site and sign in. Choose the Applebee 's digital card and the amount. FlipGive will send your card purchase to your app, locat• ed in your personal settings under Wallet Gift Cards. Show your server to pay your bill. Go home.

Simple! And you have made a donation while having fun and no cost to you!


You can purchase a physical card ahead of time to be mailed to you.

FlipGive Supports
Finding One's Way
Will YOU?

Remember- this is money you'd be spending anyhow, on the things you need and want. We're not asking you to dig any deeper into your pocket. But instead of watching your money leave the community, you can keep a portion on it here to benefit Finding One's Way Foundation. In return, the foundation is here to help citizens of your community.